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Multilingual Television Production
Assistant Producer


As an assistant producer, I have broad experience working on documentaries, news and factual projects. In addition to professional proficiency in Spanish, French and Arabic, I have an in-depth understanding of the language requirements across all areas of a production - from the development and pre-production stages, to the practical work on location, to the post-production and delivery of the final product. 

I have successfully set up and produced projects in Europe and Latin America, and have extensive experience negotiating access to foreign organisations and individuals.


Other skills include preparation and research; scouting locations; sourcing and interviewing contributors, coordination and logistics; compiling shoot logs; managing location budgets; second camera; and general oversight of all multilingual aspects of a production. 

Translator & multilingual edit consultant


For television programmes, I can provide time-logged translations of footage, as well as overseeing multilingual edits, proof-reading subtitles and checking final cuts for language accuracy; outsourcing and coordinating translations; assisting editors; contributing to scripts and supervising foreign-language voiceover sessions. 

Maisie Greenwood Assistant Producer
News monitor


Also in the context of breaking news, I have experience in foreign news monitoring, i.e. scouring foreign news to provide the latest updates on a breaking story abroad.

Live television interpreter


Comfortable operating in a variety of high-pressure scenarios, I also provide simultaneous interpreting into English for breaking news on live television.

King Felipe VI of Spain

For all enquiries related to multilingual television production and media interpreting, please get in contact using this link

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