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I have been a freelance interpreter, translator and general multilingual useful person since 2011. During that time, and since well before embarking on my multilingual career, I have been involved in many different projects all over the world. 


Alongside my work with languages, I play the fiddle... [content]





I started learning French at secondary school and quickly realised how much I enjoyed being able to communicate in other languages. After my A-levels, I headed off to France and spent a couple of months doing a combination of grape-harvesting, waitressing and busking, followed by two months of voluntary work in Senegal. A few years later I spent a long summer working at Radio Campus Angers, where I presented radio shows in French and reported on music concerts. Throughout my professional career I have worked in various parts of France, frequently in Paris, as well as in Guinea, Benin and Mali. 




My Spanish began with evening classes after school when I was 16 years old. then I took an intensive Spanish course in Guatemala, joined a Cuban band for a couple of months and travelled to Nicaragua, improving my Spanish all the while. I spent a few months in Argentina and have since used my Spanish a lot in professional contexts.  




I took up Arabic as an experiment at Durham University and never turned back. A very intensive degree, added to a few months full-time study in Cairo and Damascus taught me to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic as well as pick up Egyptian and Syrian colloquial dialects. I now work a great deal in Arabic to English translation and interpreting, as well as teaching Arabic-English conference interpreting at the University of Leeds. 



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